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Kajang Engineering Works was founded in 1992 by Sia Kim Sam. We have over 30 years of experience in the Metalwork Industry.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction by ensuring that only quality products and good services are delivered to our customers. With the partnership with metal specialists, it had gained an extra opportunity to provide quality metalworks.

Eco Ardence is an eco-themed, gated and guarded, mixed-development township, spanning a massive 533 acres. It is your enclave for art, culture and commerce, where you can create, express and innovate in absolute comfort, privacy and security the re-imagining of your life starts here.

Eco Ardence Aeres Corner Lot Semi D

Eco Ardence is the cradle of passion, a place infused with vibrant energy and alive with activities. This is where the creation of art, the expression of culture and the innovation of commerce converge, inspiring a sense of pride and belonging in the community. Flourishing with life and yet serene in spirit, it is a redefinition of an enclave, the re-imagination of Shah Alam.

  • Property Information
    Eco Ardence Aeres Corner Lot Semi D
  • Building Type
    Semi D
  • Location
    Shah Alam, Malaysia

Elevate Your Vision with Our Expertise:Your Trusted Metal Works Partner

Dedicated to achieving the pinnacle of customer satisfaction, we ensure that each product and service we offer epitomizes quality. Our collaboration with expert metal specialists further enriches our ability to present top-notch metalwork solutions.
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